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A service in two stages

French Translation

After carefully reviewing your text, we will match the translator best suited to its style and literary genre. Our professional translators are passionate about their work; they will protect your words and give your characters exactly the right voice in French.



To ensure an accurate French version, your text will be reread by a second professional. Typos, unintentional line and word breaks, or accidental repetitions will be erased.  

"When we have finished our work, you will receive a clean copy of your text in perfect French that will faithfully represent the original writing style."

Our customized options

"Because self-publishing is more than the quality of a text, Valentin Translation offers various tailor-made options to accompany you on your French publishing journey."

Help with promoting your book

Every author needs feedback. To help you gain feedback, we offer an ebook reading of your book on our network of bloggers and reviewers who specialize in your literary genre. We will translate your newsletters, press releases, and publicity material. And we can add your book’s data on cataloguing websites – an invaluable asset for French readers! This will help you broaden your audience!

Formatting and ebook creation

We will create an ePub file of your book and remove unnecessary tags to optimize reading on an eReader. If you want your book in print, we will prepare the file for you with all the editorial rules and conventions specific to the French language.

Ebook Chapitre 3

Creating and customizing the cover

To further your success, we will design the best cover for your book. If your book has a cover, but you are not happy with it, we can modify and update it to suit the market and the taste of French readers.

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