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Self-publishing is a big adventure that opens the doors to the entire world.  You, as an author, believe in your books, as do the readers in your country; you know that your writing inspires and captivates your readers. It is time to take the plunge and captivate foreign readers.

In the last decade, there have been more books translated in France than in any other country. In fact, one out of every six books in France is translated from a foreign language.

At Valentin Translation, we love the French language and it is the heart of our business.

We are not just translators; we are, above all, writers and readers. Because we know the emotions our beautiful language can express and evoke, we are dedicated to offering French readers what your original readers felt when they discovered your writing. From street language to literary styles, we will capture and transcribe all the subtleties of your text into impeccable French. Translators, editors, and proofreaders will handle your texts in a sensitive way and are committed to the highest standards of their profession.

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At Valentin Translation, we are very aware of the specific requirements of self-published authors and we want to give your writing the boost that it deserves. Thanks to our tailor-made services, we will guide you step by step from the conception of the book until it is in the hands of French readers; we also include an eye-catching cover and well-targeted advertising.

Valentin Translation is your link to being published in French.


After my studies in English Literature, the world of books naturally became my chosen profession and I looked into all its facets, including publishing and translation. Today, I am a literary translator and I am the French wordsmith for many traditionally published or self-published English-speaking authors.

It was my connection with the large community of self-published authors that helped me realize that self-publishing has specific needs. Hiring a translator in a language in which you are not fluent and launching books in an unknown market, is a formidable challenge.

Conscious of the fact that self-published writers and small publishing houses often have limited budgets, I felt the call to establish a translation agency to help authors find the best translators at the most affordable rates, and to enter into the world of French publishing. 

With our team of qualified experts, your texts will be in the best hands!

Laure Valentin

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